Art of Hosting May 8-10, 2014

8.5.2014 11:30
Otava Folk High School

A training in participatory leadership in practice - learn to create the circumstances that allow emergence to happen through Conversations That Matter.

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Contact person: Ville Keränen via email or phone +358 40 731 2084.

What is Art of Hosting

Art of Hosting is a global community of practitioners using integrated participative change processes, methods, maps and planning tools to engage groups and teams in meaningful conversation, deliberate collaboration, and group-supported action for the common good.

What does this mean in practice?

During 3 days we will work with, demonstrate, practice and explore how participatory methodologies can be used as a foundation for collaborative leadership and learning in groups, teams, communities and organisation - hosting conversations that matter.

Prices (VAT 0%)

485 € (incl. training, double room accommodation for 2 nights, food mentioned in the programme)
525 € (incl. training, single room accommodation for 2 nights, food mentioned in the programme)

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Event attendees (36)

Jere Rinne
Saara Kolari
Ville Keränen
Monica Nissén
Päivi Oinonen
Niko Kandelin
Miko Laakso
Eija Vatanen
Lari Karreinen
Johanna Hytönen
Vilma Mutka
Rygaudas Guogis
Pia Pale
Tatu Tuohimetsä
Reetta Lehto
Paula Siippainen
Antti Lappalainen
Riitta Koskimiews
Tiina Hoskari
Enrique Tessieri
Juha Huuskonen
Vesa Partanen
Tiina Tuulos
Anna-Kaarina Kairamo
Katja Seppinen
Sophie Mourey
Nina Maunu
Esteve Pannetier
Jaakko Rantala
Bram Schrijnen
Maija Kotamäki
Andrew Clutterbuck
Vesa-Matti Ruottinen
Irena Bakic
Anu Timmerbacka
Liina Hongell

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Event time

8.5.2014 11:30
10.5.2014 14:00

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Event location

Otava Folk High School Otavantie 2B 50670 Otava (Mikkeli), Finland